Certificate of Pedigree

  Reg. Name:Windair's Black Diamond Breeder(s):Maureen and Gary Smetzer
Reg. #: Owner:Maureen and Gary Smetzer
Breed:Poodle Birthdate:
Color:Black Sex:Female


      Ch Charade About Face
    Charade Anchorman of Windair  
      Charade Sudden Charm
  Ch Windair's Live Wire    
      Dalin Pisano B1
    Windair's Whistlin Dixie B1  
Ch Windair's Cahsin' In     Evan's Lakota Sious B1
      Ch Franco's Performance Plus in Spades
    Kay's T Graham Brown of Francos  
      Ch Franco's Pretty Woman
  Windair's That Girl B1    
      Ch Windair's Black Magic
    Windair's Little Bit O Class  
      Windair's Classy Cassy
      Ch Cin Don Keep the Peace
    Ch. Dalin Nat King Cole At Sangai  
      Dalin Natalie Cole
  Sangai Highland Scott    
      Pamper's What in the Sam Hill
    Pamper's White Tiffany  
      Sangai Pampers Viva Royal
Ch Windair's Diamond N D Ruff      
      Chudan Artest Van Go
    Ch Windair's Snow Dancer  
      Windair's Snow Queen
  Windair's Bianca    
      Michanda Ingles Free Spirit
    Windair's Catrina  
      Windair's Ball o Snow